Monday, November 15, 2010

Good vs. Evil?

Patrick commented,

The more we discuss this it seems to me that you have it locked in your head that certain things are bad and that no level of discussion will change your mind

I have to admit, he's got me nailed here. I believe in right vs. wrong. There are things that are bad and evil in this world, and yes, no matter who says otherwise, there still will be. I know this idea makes some uncomfortable. You see, this destroys any theories of moral relativism. If there is right and wrong, then any excuses given for a certain behavior or action may be invalid, for that action may be wrong and evil.

However, if there is no final arbiter over what is right and wrong, then any behavior or action can be argued to be good. If there is no absolute right or wrong, then I can argue away murdering innocent children as my own good. If there is no abosolute right or wrong, then who are you to tell me that I cannot murder innocents or children?

There is an absolute right and wrong. There is bad and evil in this world. Everyone knows the difference, deep down inside, and anyone who argues for moral relativism is simply wrong.

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