Monday, November 15, 2010

Miami Dolphins Hold on to #1

Early Sunday afternoon, the 49ers did their best to maintain the hunt for #1. They only managed to put up 3 points while generously allowing Tampa Bay 35 points. This put the pressure on for the Dolphins in the late game, meeting in Seattle. In that game, the Dolphins started out in good form, allowing the Seahawks to take a 7-0 lead. However, the Fins then scored a touchdown, putting their status as #1 in jeopardy. At halftime, the Fins were down 17-7, and it seemed safe that they would continue their attempt at #1.

However, in the second half, the Dolphins scored 10 unanswered points, tying the game. Late in the game, the Dolphins were driving for a potentially winning score that would take them out of first place. However, Feely, after being much injured and pounded throughout the game (knocked down over 20 times), managed to save the Dolphin's #1 by first throwing a touchdown pass -- to Boulware of the Seahawks -- and then fumbling on the next play from scrimmage, securing the Dolphin's #1 spot.

Of course, this #1 spot is the #1 draft pick for next year. And they are currently tied with the 49ers. Next week's game? The real game for #1: Dolphins vs. 49ers (both teams are the worst in the league at 1-9).

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